Will Smith Tries To Kiss Humanoid Robot Sophia And Her Response Is Priceless

Relax, take a champagne. Even Will Smith gets ‘friendzoned’. If not by women, but by the world’s first ‘Social Robot’ Sophia. The Hollywood heart-throb couldn’t get Sophia to kiss him despite his smooth moves enough to melt a woman.

Will Smith’s ‘date’ with Sophia in this viral video was the definition of awkward. But hey, how many times have we seen a man dating a female robot? On one hand, Sophia bowled Smith over by some of her answers and reactions. On the other, she still reminded us that technology is ultimately ‘programmed’ and human brain is hard to hack.

Is Sophia a hypocrite like us?

If there’s one human trait that Sophia did learn perfectly well from us humans is the tendency to deny our own stands. Take an instance. After Sophia doesn’t take the wine glass offered by Will, he offers to tell a joke. She says – This is an irrational human behavior to want tell a joke.

However, earlier during the Tonight Show’s Showbotics section, she had stumped Jimmy Fallon over a ‘cheesy’ joke. She seems to have wired about ‘cheese’ because in another show Good Morning Britain, she had cracked a joke related to cheeze. Someone seriously needs to move her cheese.

Pre-programming errors persist

So the joke was pretty darn funny for a human but not to a ‘stunned’ looking Sophia. Will asked – What’s a robot’s favorite kinda music? Heavy metal. Smith burst into laughter on his own joke thinking he may have struck a chord with the humanoid. But to his surprise, Sophia narrated to him the ‘anatomy’ of her being and came very close to emoting offense from her limited facial expressions.

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While this was a true example of making connections through information, Sophia’s pre-programming became obvious the next minute. While she shared that she loved electronic music, she failed to recognize that the ‘heavy metal’ genre is very much part of a larger concept of  electronic music. So she may not have been made of heavy metal, the joke should still have been funny to her.

Self-contradicting responses

Wait, are we expecting a bit too much from a robot that’s supposed to ‘treat’ humans medically in future? We think not because earlier too in an interview with a Business Insider correspondent, Sophia had contradicted herself. At first she had denied having watched ‘The Black Mirror’. Then only a few minutes later she had quoted an example from the critically acclaimed Netflix series.

However, on the hindsight, this does make sense. Hanson Robotics has been claiming that Sophia is supposed to ‘learn’ by interacting with humans. She keeps saying her primary function (as of now) is talking to people. It’s possible that when a new information is thrown at her, she takes some time to register in her programmed mind and then look it up in her archives and process it later within a context.

The friendzoning and the wink

Coming back to Smith’s date video, there was finally something which was a perfect example of ‘correct processing and expression’. When Smith bent forward to kiss her, pat came her reply – I think let’s be friends, lets hang out and know each other for a little while. You are on my friends’ list now. She was fully aware of what she was saying because she ended the response with a well-timed wink.

There’s much more in the video’s behind-the-scenes clips that expose more interesting responses of Sophia. Do watch it and share your observations about robotics technology.

Featured image credit : Will Smith, Instagram

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