Top 18 Sites to Watch Interviews of Startup Founders

Bill Nye, the famous science educator, once said that everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.

Well… that’s exactly what I experienced. I learned several lessons by meeting new people as well as by watching several interviews with startup founders who have been there and done that.

These interviews included those with both globally renowned startup founders as well as successful regional entrepreneurs from several countries.

So, here is a list of sites that feature such interviews (podcasts or videos) that you must explore. Read on.

#1 TechCrunch Founder Stories

TechCrunch Founder Stories is the most popular platform for interviews with startup founders. Interviewed by Michael Abbott, former VP engineer at Twitter, the founders share their startup journeys. Visit the site here.

#2 Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner (eCorner)

What more can you ask for than entrepreneurship knowledge and inspiration directly from Stanford University! Yes, eCorner is an initiative by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and offers videos featuring startup founders as well as entrepreneurship and innovation thought leaders with the objective to develop the viewers’ entrepreneurial mindset. Watch the interviews here.

#3 Mixergy

Home to more than 1,000 startup founder interviews, Mixergy is my favorite site. It offers must-watch interviews with great entrepreneurs, such as YCombinator President Sam Altman, Kissmterics founder Neil Patel, and Bigcommerce cofounder Mitchell Harper. Listen to the podcasts or find the videos here.

#4 Pando TV

This YouTube channel is the brainchild of Pando Daily and features interviews with outstanding entrepreneurs and innovators in the tech industry, such as PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, and Spotify cofounder Daniel Ek. Watch the videos here.


According to, their interviews feature what the startup founder interviewees got right as well as what went wrong with their startups and their ideas for future entrepreneurs. It has interviews with several famous startup founders, including GitHub cofounder Chris Wanstrath, former UpWork CEO Gary Swart, online marketing guru and serial entrepreneur Neil Patel, and HubSpot cofounder Brian Halligan. Visit the site here.

#6 This Week in Startups

This is one of my favorite sites and I keep visiting it whenever there is a new interview. The best part is that it lists the interviews by several categories, including media, SaaS, mobile, fundraising, and influencers. So, you can watch interviews that are specific to your industry and relate well to your ideas.

Run by the podcasting pioneer Jason Calacanis, this site features interviews with various successful entrepreneurs, such as Salesforce founder Marc Benioff, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, Uber founder Travis Kalanik, and lean startup advocate Eric Ries. Visit the site here.

#7 [email protected]

Just learning from success stories is not enough; you also need to learn from failure stories or through the mistakes that successful founders made. In this way, you can ensure you don’t repeat the mistakes yourself. Visit [email protected] for such stories.

#8 Under30CEO

Under30CEO offers some interesting interviews with founders who share their journeys and the self-improvement tips that can make an entrepreneur successful. Visit the site here.

#9 FounderLY

Although the site does not have any new interviews, it has a great collection of past interviews that you should watch here.

#10 Now I Know

This YouTube channel features old, but must-watch interviews with leading startup experts and founders, such as Silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur Steve Blank, lean startup advocate Eric Ries, and author and entrepreneur Seth Godin. Visit the channel here.

#11 Foundation Biz

This site has a total of 43 interviews with famous names, such as business magnate Elon Musk, Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, Medium founder Evan Williams, and author of The 4-Hour Workweek Tim Feriss. Visit the site here.

#12 Irish Startup TV

This site features interviews with mostly successful Irish startup founders. Watch the videos to learn entrepreneurship lessons as well as to understand how to tap into the Irish market. Visit the site here.

#13 Startup Camel

Startup Camel offers interviews with Israeli entrepreneurs who made it big, such as PowToon cofounder Daniel Zaturansky and Wix President and COO Nir Zohar. Visit the site here.

#14 The Asian Entrepreneur

If you are looking for interviews with Indian entrepreneurs then look no further than the Asian Entrepreneur. You will find some great interviews here with entrepreneurs like Raghav Gupta of BlaBlaCar and Devendra Gupta of InstaOffice.

#15 Chicago Founders TV

This site features interviews with Chicago-based entrepreneurs. Visit the site here to get some interesting insights.

#16 Female Founder Stories

If you want to read interviews rather than just watching them, then Female Founder Stories is definitely worth exploring. It has a collection of interviews with some of the leading seed accelerator Y Combinator’s female alumni. Visit the site here.

#17 Founder Stories

Founder Stories primarily features interviews with Switzerland-based startup founders, although it also has interviews with founders from other countries. Visit the site here to learn how the featured founders got their ideas, executed them, raised funding, and recovered from their failures.

#18 Entrepreneurs India

This is another site that features interviews with successful Indian startup founders, such as leading co-working space and incubator 91 Springboard’s cofounder Varun Chawla and HeadStart Network Foundation cofounder Arpit Agarwal. Watch or listen to the interviews here.

So, have you explored any of these sites? Have I missed any important ones? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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