The Most Highly Recommended 35 Startup Accelerators in India

While starting a business and coming up with a viable, innovative product is a task on its own, making that startup successful and establishing itself in this rapidly growing economy is no easy feat. This is where startup accelerators in India come in and help these new entrepreneurs learn and grow.

Accelerators support fledgling startups through startup mentoring and educational, training programs, but also by helping them secure startup funding for further growth. They also help startups polish and improve their product offering to make it market-ready.

Indian startup accelerators usually run regular, fixed-duration cohorts designed around training for setting up a business, intense training programs with combined sessions, which impart the skills and technical know-how usually accumulated over years of hands-on work, and teach young entrepreneurs how to start a business effectively.

Here is a quick list of some of the startup accelerators in India that have been working for a while now, to help you pick the one that works best. These cover a range of domains and some have multiple backers, including the government as well. While a few cater to specialized domains, most cater to a multitude of sectors to ensure maximum reach.

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>>List of Startup Accelerators in Kolkata

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Mumbai

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Delhi

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Gurgaon

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Bangalore

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Goa

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Hyderabad

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Ahmedabad

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Pune

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Jaipur

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Lucknow

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Indore

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Kochi

>>List of Startup Accelerators in Noida

Startup Accelerators in Kolkata


Type: Privately Backed

Location: Merlin Infinite DN-51, #1003, Calcutta, DN Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Bidhannagar, Kolkata

Sectors: Sector and Stage Agnostic

Founded By: Dipanjan Purkayastha – Managing Partner and Founder

Selection Criteria: Innovation startups backed by a strong founding team

Contact: [email protected], +91 82401 83989


Type: Privately Backed

Location: 207 AJC Bose Road, Kolkata

Sectors: Multiple Sectors

Founded By: Raghav Kanoria – Cofounder of Calcutta Angels Network, Kumar Patodia – Director of Unimark Group, Chandradeep Mitra, CEO of PipalMajik

Selection Criteria: Early and growth stage startups with a long term commitment, realistic goals, and clear identification of their customers, as well as a sizable market with potential to scale up.

Notable Startups: TeaRaja, Peazy, TipsyNow, MachineHire, Finance Republic

Contact: [email protected], +91 98754 62035

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Startup Accelerators in Mumbai

Zone Startups India

Type: Government Backed

Location: Zone Startups India, 18th Floor, Bombay Stock Exchange Building, Dalal Street, Mumbai

Sectors: Science and Technology

Founded By: Reyerson Futures Network

Selection Criteria: Undisclosed

Notable Startups: obino, FlexiLoans, vPhrase, BabyChakra

Contact: [email protected], +91 22 2272 2595

Venture Nursery

Type: Corporate Sector Backed

Location: #4, 2nd Floor, Citi Mall, Oshiwara Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai

Sectors: Multiple

Founded By: Shravan Shroff – Founder and former MD of Fame Cinemas, Ravi Kiran – former CEO-South East & South Asia Starcom MediaVest Group

Selection Criteria: Startup ideas that solve real world problems and can be commercially viable, with a motivated and skilled team that isn’t financially dependent on the startup

Notable Startups: Oyo Rooms, Klip, SeekSherpa

Contact: [email protected], +91 22 2670 1133

Z Nation Lab

Type: Corporate Sector Backed

Location: C – 20, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai

Sectors: Technology

Founded By: Privately, through VCs

Selection Criteria: Technology startups that show promise, with a highly motivated founding team that is ready for growth.

Notable Startups: PhotoExpress, HaloBee, Picostone, Voicery

Contact: [email protected], +91 22 4445 1130


Type: Corporate Sector Backed

Location: MAB – 1st Floor, Near Gate-B, Thane-Belapur Road, Reliance Corporate Park, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai

Sectors: Multiple

Founded By: Reliance Industries

Selection Criteria: Seed stage startups with an early customer base and a product or service already in the market, backed by a team with determination, patience, decisiveness, and empathy.

Notable Startups: DSYH, Dattus, enguru, HeadSpin, IntelloLabs, Interview Mocha

Contact: [email protected], +91 22796 76520

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Startup Accelerators in Delhi

Startup Tunnel

Type: Privately and Government Backed

Location: D-57 Chattarpur Enclave, 100 Foot Road, New Delhi

Sectors: Technology oriented startups in healthcare, governance, cleantech, fintech, and B2B SaaS

Founded By: Dr. Aditya Dev Sood – Chairman & Founder, Startup Tunnel

Selection Criteria: Early stage startups using emerging technologies or game changing ideas in blockchain-enabled cryptocurrency applications, data analytics, AI, AR, and VR, IoT, Robotics, and mobile and cloud computing platforms.

Notable Startups: FlipRobotics, Skillacquire, Junkart, BookMyBank, Tranxact

Contact: [email protected], +91 11 26304406

BusinessWorld Accelerate

Type: Corporate Sector Backed

Location: BW Accelerate, BW Businessworld Media Pvt Ltd., 2nd Floor, Express Building, 9-10, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi

Sectors: Sector and Stage Agnostic

Founded By: BWBusinessWorld

Selection Criteria: Startups with innovative, scalable, and economically viable products and services catering to any sector.

Notable Startups: Cityfurnish, CollegeMedia, Connectofy, Goounj, MindScroll

Contact: [email protected], +91 9643537451

India Innovation Growth Programme 2.0

Type: Corporate Sector and Government Backed

Location: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi

Sectors: Innovative technologies in multiple domains

Founded By: Lockheed Martin, Tata Trusts, and Government of India

Selection Criteria: Innovative concepts from industrial and social entrepreneurs, from a technology centric perspective, that have identified the problem clearly, and have an innovative and financially sustainable solution ready, that can be scaled up, with competent leadership to execute the business ideas.

Notable Startups: Inceptor Technologies, Linksmart Technologies, Module Innovations, Taraltec Solutions

Contact: [email protected], +91-11-23487233

Startup Incubator And Accelerator Services in Delhi

Type: Privately Backed

Location: 303-3rd Floor, Vardhman Star Citi Mall, Dwarka Sector-7, New Delhi

Sectors: Multiple

Founded By: Ankit Kumar, and Venkat Raman

Selection Criteria: Early stage startups are accepted from one of the following sectors: clean tech, EV, organic farming, healthcare, social entrepreneurship, IOT or emerging technologies, gaming, or EdTech. Founder or cofounder must be based in India or the UK.

Notable Startups: Asirix, SolaBot, Trap Gaming, Food Triangle, Women Relaxology

Contact: [email protected], +91 72890 50054

Indian Angel Network

Type: Corporate and Privately Backed

Location: 104, First floor, Delhi Blue Apartments, Main Ring Road, Near Safdarjung Hospital, Ansari Nagar West, New Delhi

Sectors: Multiple

Founded By: Vikram Upadhyaya

Selection Criteria: IAN is looking for scalable, early stage startups that have high barriers to entry, a self-motivated and skilled management team, and preferably a unique or differentiated product or service, in concept or implementation.

Notable Startups: FreshWorld, GadgetWood, HashCube, InThree, Jiyo Natural, Kwench, Wild Trails

Contact: [email protected], +91 11 4075 5713

Start Up! Private Limited

Type: Privately Backed

Location: E-89, Top Floor, Block E, Kalkaji, New Delhi

Sectors: Social Ventures

Founded By: Manisha Gupta, and Taveesh Pandey

Selection Criteria: Growth or early stage startups that bring with them strong leadership, domain expertise, and a passion for benefiting society in general. Teams that have established proper business processes and systems are preferred.

Notable Startups: Azad + Sakha, RSSA, Swayam Shikshan Prayog, AIACA, Anveshaa

Contact: [email protected], +91 11 4054 0722

Electropreneur Park

Type: Government Backed

Location: Electropreneur Park 3rd Floor, Library building, University of Delhi, South Campus, Benito Juarez Road, New Delhi

Sectors: Emerging technologies in multiple sectors

Founded By: Ministry of IT and Electronics, Government of India

Selection Criteria: Early stage startups with a viable product or technology in place, that are based more than 200km away from Delhi/NCR. Their products or services must be about emerging technologies that can play a significant role in healthcare, agriculture, aviation, materials science, energy, military, robotics, transportation, entertainment, or communication.

Notable Startups: Ceantra Technologies, Resonant Electronics, Stemrobo Technologies, Fitnano Technologies, Simply Purify, IOTomation

Contact: [email protected], +91 98734 37917

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Startup Accelerators in Gurgaon

Green House Ventures Accelerator (GHV Accelerator)

Type: Corporate and Privately Backed

Location: #007, 8th Floor, Palm Spring Plaza, Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5, Sector 54, Gurugram, Haryana

Sectors: Multiple

Founded By: Vikram Upadhyaya, and Anurag Kapoor

Selection Criteria: GHV Accelerator looks for early stage startups with a committed and well-oiled teams with proven execution capabilities, a scalable model built around technology, and can handle starting a new business. They gauge applicants on their revenue growth, customer loyalty, and market validation of their offering.

Notable Startups: MyTaxiIndia, Pick My Laundry, Pindrop Music, Glue Design, IStyleYou, and OpenTalk

Contact: [email protected], +91 12442 63448


Type: Corporate Backed

Location: ZDream Ventures, 16th Floor, Palm Springs Plaza, Sector-53, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Haryana

Sectors: Technology, Media, Entertainment, Telecommunications

Founded By: Amit Li

Selection Criteria: Growth and early stage startups that are using their commercially viable product or service to deal with a real life pain area for the community, with a clear USP and well-defined roadmap.

Notable Startups: Milk Basket, IAmWire

Contact: [email protected], +91 95993 83588

India Accelerator

Type: Privately and Angel Backed

Location: 336, Udyog Vihar Phase IV,Gurgaon, Haryana

Sectors: Technology startups in any domain

Founded By: Ashish Bhatia

Selection Criteria: Early stage, technology oriented startups in any domain that is a good fit and are backed by a solid founding team, to solve real world problems or to create meaningful innovations

Notable Startups: Voko, kuants, CabBazar, Wish-a-Mitr, eValk

Contact: [email protected] , +91 87009 22866

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Startup Accelerators in Bangalore or Bengaluru

TLabs Startup Accelerator

Type: Corporate Sector Backed

Location: 22, Hosur Main Road, Dairy Colony, Adugodi, Bengaluru

Sectors: Technology, Internet and Mobile focused startups from multiple domains

Founded By: Abhishek Gupta

Selection Criteria: Early and growth stage startups with a small and young founding team that have a minimal viable product or service that has been validated by a few customers.

Notable Startups: nicheAI, Peersome, HopOn, GetMyUni, MintM, HomeTriangle

Contact: [email protected], +91 80 2550 1311

Surge Ahead

Type: Privately Backed

Sectors: Multiple

Selection Criteria: High calibre team/founder with a compelling idea. The startup could be at idea stage or at an early-stage with product-market fit and a round of seed funding.

Contact: [email protected] or fill out this form.

Microsoft ScaleUp

Type: Corporate Sector Backed

Location: 9, Vigyan 1st floor, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru

Sectors: B2B focused startups in multiple domains

Founded By: Microsoft India

Selection Criteria: Late stage B2B startups with a focus on emerging technologies, Big Data, VR, or any significant application of technology for a business or enterprise audience.

Notable Startups: AppICE, eGovernments Foundation, Gaia Smart Cities, Karo Sambhav

Contact: +91 80665 86000

Shell E4

Type: Corporate Sector Backed

Location: Shell E4, Shell Technology Centre, Devanahalli Industrial Park, Mahadeva Kodigehalli, Bengaluru

Sectors: Energy Sector

Founded By: Shell India

Selection Criteria: Early, pilot, or post pilot stage, energy centric startups are eligible that operate within an Indian city or are looking for soft-landing facilities in India, and can be physically available in Bangalore during the 6 month program.

Notable Startups: Detect Technologies, ION Energy, IoTrek, Ossus Biorenewables

Contact: [email protected], +91 44434 42650

Techstars Bangalore Accelerator

Type: Corporate Backed

Location: Bangalore

Sectors: AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, Robotics, IoT, Data Analytics startups in multiple sectors

Founded By: Techstars

Selection Criteria: Early or growth stage, tech startups with a web-based or software oriented product, as well as other technology oriented companies that can make a national or global impact.

Notable Startups: Sphero, ClassPass, SendGrid,, Pivotdesk

Contact: [email protected]

Startup Accelerators in Goa

Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration

Type: Government Backed

Location: Verna and Assagao, Goa

Sectors: Technology startups

Founded By: Government of India

Selection Criteria: Early stage startups with indigenous ideas and technologies gearing up for growth.

Notable Startups:, SINGULERP, Foodbudz

Contact: [email protected], +91 83227 91420, +91 83229 77604

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Startup Accelerators in Hyderabad

Catalyzer Startup Accelerator

Type: Corporate and Education Sector Backed

Location: 2nd Floor, Plot # 309 Walden’s Path, Road Number 78, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Sectors: Technology startups, non-technology startups, social enterprises working in multiple sectors

Founded By: Sunil Mayreddy

Selection Criteria: Self-motivated people with entrepreneurial spirit, and solid, startup business ideas in early stages.

Contact: [email protected]

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Startup Accelerators in Ahmedabad

CIIE – IIM Ahmedabad

Type: Privately and Education Sector Backed

Location: Sargam Marg, Vastrapur, New Campus IIMA, Ahmedabad

Sectors: Multiple

Founded By: IIM Ahmedabad

Selection Criteria: Early or growth stage, tech startups from multiple sectors that use technology to solve problems.

Notable Startups: Contree, Cattle Mettle, MedCords, Urdhvam, Free Spirits

Contact: [email protected], +91 79 6632 4201

International Centre For Entrepreneurship and Technology

Type: Government Backed

Location: International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology, Opp. Kensville Golf club and resort, Off. Bavla Rajkot highway, Deo Dholera Village, Ahmedabad

Sectors: Technology startups working in various sectors

Founded By: Gujarat Entrepreneurship & Venture Promotion Foundation (GEVPF)

Selection Criteria: Early or growth stage startups with an innovative technology offering, with a minimal product that consumers have shown a visible interest in.

Contact: [email protected], +91 79 2791 2803

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Startup Accelerators in Pune


Type: Corporate Backed

Location: Office No.401, 4th Floor, Amar Synergy, Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Pune

Sectors: Automotive and Connected Transportation

Founded By: Sanjay Puri – Chairman of Board of Advisors for the Passengers of Automated Vehicles Association (PAVA)

Selection Criteria: Seed and early stage, automotive and connected transport sector companies with strong teams, promising technology or services, large potential markets, and the ability to scale up to global markets.

Notable Startups: Instafera, Disruptive Analytics, Zaiuto, Autogrid Mobility

Contact: [email protected], +91 91164 77492


Type: Education Sector Backed

Location: Avanti Building, MIT Campus, Paud Rd, Kothrud, Pune

Sectors: Education Startups built around technology

Founded By: MIT Pune

Selection Criteria: Startups with original solutions, high growth prospects, backed by a solid team of startup founders with good credentials.

Notable Startups: Study Marvel, Ahhaa, ChangeMyPath, Vidya, SkillSoniq

Contact: [email protected], +91-8380097310

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Startup Accelerators in Jaipur

Startup Oasis – Social Accelerator

Type: Corporate and Education Sector Backed

Location: M-7, RIICO Software Complex, EPIP, Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur

Sectors: Social impact startups

Founded By: TDB, CIIE, Startup Oasis, Villgro, GVFL, SAP & UKAID

Selection Criteria: Early or growth stage startups based in or with plans to start operations in Gujarat or Rajasthan, focused on social growth and harmony in various sectors. They should have some customer validation and revenue generation before applying, with a dedicated team.

Notable Startups: Apna Godam, Cattle Mettle, Kaushal Bhaav Skill Solutions, School Connect Online, SRJNA

Contact: [email protected], +91 96369 26599

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Startup Accelerators in Lucknow

Startup Accelerator India

Type: Corporate Sector and Privately Backed

Location: Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Technical University, Sec-11, Jankipuram, Vistar Yojna, Lucknow

Sectors: Technology startups focusing on education, medical, fashion, tourism, and food technology, as well as IoT, eCommerce, VR/AR, and SaaS

Founded By: Dr. Anand Govindaluri – Founder and CEO of Govin Capital

Selection Criteria: Early and growth stage startups backed by a solid founding team, focused on using innovative technology in one of the prescribed sectors, with product validation, and an effective operational plan.

Notable Startups: Health Saathi, Codiva, Greenline Labs, Poffin, CellBeans

Contact: [email protected]

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Startup Accelerators in Indore


Type: Corporate Sector and Government Backed

Location: Rethink Mobility Pvt. Ltd., 88, Jaora compound, Astute House, RNT Marg, Indore

Sectors: IoT, FinTech, Mobile Applications, Healthcare, Education, SaaS, eCommerce, Digital Marketing and Media, Manufacturing

Founded By: Astute Group

Selection Criteria: Early stage startups with a solid, financially viable product or service, customer validation, and an understanding of their target market, backed by a skilled founding team.

Notable Startups: Umoja Pay, DineTym, Calipso, ER4U, Zoy Hotels

Contact: [email protected], +91 731 270 6500

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Startup Accelerators in Kochi

Nasscom Initiative

Type: Corporate Sector Backed

Location: Infopark Campus, Kakkanad, Kerala

Sectors: Technology products for various sectors

Founded By: Nasscom

Selection Criteria: Startups with a minimum viable technology product that is beyond ideation phase, with clear identification of customers.

Notable Startups: Beco Technologies, Foodies Buddy, Instio, Paymetry, Dr Reach, Exam Summary

Contact: [email protected], +91 484 241 5140

K-Accelerator, KSUM-EY Accelerator, Kerala Startup Mission

Type: Government Backed

Location: Kinfra Hi-Tech Park Main Road, HMT Colony, North Kalamassery, HMT Kalamassery, Kochi

Sectors: Technology products in various sectors

Founded By: Government of Kerala

Selection Criteria: Early or growth stage startups that have registered as Pvt. Ltd company or LLP, with a strong, commercially viable, scalable, technology product or service with more than one founding member.

Notable Startups: 1074 Vectors, Asimov Robotics, Axen Software, CarePact, CADBIP, DHE Technologies

Contact: [email protected], +91 48429 77137

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Startup Accelerators in Noida


Type: Privately Backed

Location: 6th floor, plot no. 1, Noida-Greater Noida Expy, Bakhtawarpur, Sector 127, Noida

Sectors: Innovative startups in multiple sectors

Founded By: Kunal Khattar

Selection Criteria: Early stage, pre-funded, or pre-seed startups with at least a proof of concept, innovative products or technologies, and a passionate and dedicated team of founders.

Notable Startups: Shuttl, TrulyMadly, Chalo, ScoopWhoop, Rapido,

Contact: [email protected],

Electrifi – JSS STEP

Type: Corporate Sector and Government Backed

Location: Block C, C-20/1, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida

Sectors: Startups working with artificial intelligence, machine learning, neuro-linguistic programming, IoT, or blockchain in multiple sectors

Founded By: Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

Selection Criteria: Early or growth stage technology-centric startups registered with the Registrar of Companies, that are less than 3 years old, and are at product completion stage.

Notable Startups:, SimplyLearnt, Webenture, Zolt, Udaan Technologies, Welnus, Webtrix, TechYolk

Contact: [email protected], +91 12024 01516

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Wrapping Up

While startup accelerators might seem like an easy way to secure funding, they are perhaps the most important resource for startups that actually want to stand out from the crowd and be India’s next big success story. The training and mentoring that startup accelerators in India bring to the table are essential for taking your innovative product and technology ideas to the next level!

Have you pitched with startup accelerators in India? What was your experience like? Do you have experience of starting your own business? Let us know in the comments below!

[DISCLAIMER]: The information about the accelerators listed here has been gathered from their official websites, media releases, and online presence. There were some other accelerators that we could not verify and find up to date information for. If your accelerator isn’t included in this list, drop us an email or mention the details in the comments below and we’ll add it to our list. We’ll keep updating this series with more information about business incubators and accelerators as we find it, so stay tuned!

Featured image credit: AlphaLab Startup Accelerator under CC by 2.0, Flickr. No changes were made.

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