Over 1 Million Views : Viral YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

There are thousands of videos on entrepreneurship by great leaders, from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, available on YouTube. All these are great to watch, but a few have over a million views and can open your eyes to how you think about starting or running a business.

Yet, wading through tons of videos on YouTube to find those few can be intimidating. So, to make your job easier, here is a list of those that are very popular and my favorites as well.

I have also included a brief summary of each one to help you understand what they are all about before you start watching them.

Bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you feel the need to watch the videos again.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action | Simon Sinek I 6.2 Million Views +

After watching this video, I could not resist the urge to follow the speaker and leadership guru Simon Sinek on Twitter and even bought his book instantly.

Seriously, this will crush your thinking about how you do or plan to do business.

He believes that people do not buy what you do and how do you do it; they buy why you do it. And, your business will only be successful if people believe in your why, as happened to Apple and the Wright Brothers.

Click the following image to watch the video right now! To learn more about Sinek, visit his website here.

Secrets of Success in Eight Words | Richard St. John | 1.3 Million Views +

Success expert Richard St. John talks about the traits that successful people, such as Bill Gates, Larry Page, Arianna Huffington, and Jeff Bezos, have in common among every industry in this video. The lessons he shares are the results of 10 years of research to find the common factors for success in all fields.

This video is also listed in the top 20 “Most Viewed” TED talks out of 700 great talks. Click the following image to watch the video and visit his website to learn more about him.

Believe in Yourself | Mateusz M | 2.1 Million Views +

Every entrepreneur needs motivation and this is true for you as well. There will be days when you excel and there will also be bad days that will make you fall hard. But, you need to believe in yourself and keep going if you want to make your business a success.

This is what this epic video by two famous motivational speakers, Les Brown and Eric Thomas, conveys. It was brilliantly created, compiled and edited by Mateusz M and shared by Evan Carmichael. You can follow their channels for other great motivational and success talks.

Where Good Ideas Come From | Steven Johnson | 1.1 Million Views +

The eminent science author and media theorist Steven Johnson debunks the myth that good ideas come from just one brilliant person with facts in this video. This is a very useful video if you strive to have great ideas.

How to Get Your Ideas Spread | Seth Godin | 1.2 Million Views +

Traditional ideas are boring and no longer attract the consumers’ attention. If you want to get your idea heard, it must simply be remarkable. This is what marketing genius Seth Godin talks about in this video.

He also provides some brilliant examples. So, don’t miss it!  In addition, here is his website and Twitter account.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned above, the videos shared here are those with over a million views. However, there are other great ones as well which are equally informative and powerful.

Here is a quick rundown of some other must-watch videos:

Simon Sinek – Why Leaders Eat Last

Click the following image to watch the video.

Patrick Bet – David – The Life of an Entrepreneur

David Rose – 10 Things to Know Before You Pitch to VCs

Eric Ries – The Lean Startup

Guy Kawasaki – The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

Steve Blank – How to Build a Great Company Step by Step

Have any favorite entrepreneur videos that you think should be added to the list? Did we miss any important ones? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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