3 Ways Failure Helps You Succeed in Life

Failure Quote 3 Ways Failure Helps You Succeed In Life

“Failure is not the opposite of success, it is a part of success.” – Arianna Huffington

Alas! Only a handful of people who have actually made it to the top of the success charts knows this for a fact.

As for the others, they keep viewing failure as the end of the road, or worse, a sign that says that the journey is over.

Failure has a stigma attached to it and each time a person does not succeed, there are a million others telling him that he has failed, and why he always will.

The first step is to be able to believe in yourself and understand how you can benefit from your failure or failures.

It’s time to rethink the word and see it in a new light. We must consider it as the stepping stone to success rather than the huge boulder obstructing our path.

At a first glance, success elevates you to a world of ecstasy and confidence, while failure dumps you to the dark depths of sadness and depression.

But once the dust settles, one realizes how both failure and success are not permanent.   Bill Gates Quote Its fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lesson of failure

You should look at the brighter side of failure and assess how much it can actually help you on the road to success.  

Here are a few reasons why you should absolutely fail to succeed.

Failure Helps You Learn Something New and Innovate

When you start a project, you brim with eagerness and enthusiasm.

It’s an exciting phase and you are ready to win the battle and emerge as a winner. All your positivity can rapidly go south once you face the hurdles in your path.

Womeen Reading Book Outdoor

I experienced both the enormous enthusiasm and the rapid withdrawal symptoms when I baked a cake the first time.

It was nothing short of a disaster, although all I had been doing was following instructions as noted in the recipe book.

I opened the oven to find a dark brick like substance emerge as opposed to a soft buttery image that I saw in the recipe book.

After the first stage of disappointment, I decided to do some online research and found out the problem.

Firstly, I did not need to stir the cake mix so feverishly, and secondly, I needed to preheat my oven completely before I popped the cake in the oven.

I followed the instructions carefully this time, and guess what?

My perfect cake arrived 30 minutes later. That piece of cake was the tastiest one I ever had in my life, not simply because it oozed with butter, but because I had

Once the cloud of disappointment has cleared, you will learn where you went wrong and it will strike you with amazing clarity that had you not failed, you would have never learned something new.

When one thing doesn’t work out, you try another, and then another, till you finally succeed.

The thirst for success and the spirit of not giving up is what drives one towards innovation.

As Thomas Edison put it,

Thomas Edison Quote I have not failed I've just found 10000 Ways That Wont Work

Failure Builds Character

Failure and success are two sides of the same coin.

If you fail, you simply have to gather the courage to flip over your situation to a winning one.

After working for 15 years in a multinational company, my friend Anna decided to leave her plush job and collaborate on a startup with a trusted colleague.

Six back-breaking months of labor later, the company was going strong and both were earning high profits from a steady supply of clients.

However the collaboration soon failed as the trusted colleague registered a complaint of theft against Anna, and she lost her money and  six months’ worth of labor and client relationships in the blink of an eye.

It was worse than a nightmare for Anna and the bitter taste of failure lasted for months while she recuperated from her loss.

It was a shocking realization for her that she had failed to pay attention to any paperwork concerning the business, and how all the assets were completely devoid of her name.

Though badly broken in spirit, Anna started her own startup from scratch about three months later.

She gradually picked up clients, and as an efficient worker, her client list only grew longer over the months until she started hiring people to help grow her business.

I am a witness to Anna’s story where she grew from an intelligent but introverted individual to a fearless entrepreneur with courage, who could  take up difficult situations and turn them into success stories.

This is a real-life scenario that I’ve personally witnessed  which showed that failure is the perfect opportunity that shapes up your character.

It forces you to decide whether you have the nerve to pick up the pieces and try again, or simply give up.

Robert F Kennedy Failure Quote Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly

It’s like going through fire to come out stronger and better.

This is the golden opportunity life presents to hone your perseverance skills and come out a winner.

Failure Teaches You to Appreciate Yourself

Don’t take it too hard on yourself. The primary reason why you failed is because you tried.

It might sound very cliché, but it is a piece of truth that one should never forget.

Richard Yales Quote If you dont try at anything you cant fail it takes backbone to lead the life you want     

You should pat yourself on the back for having tried and then braving the consequences of your attempt.

You learn more about yourself and how hard you have worked for something, so celebrate it. It denotes that you have become braver and you can be proud of yourself for risking it.

As we try to deconstruct failure and construct a path towards success, we are often asked to look up to the success stories of men and women who have made the cut.

Whether you consider Albert Einstein, Mark Cuban, Steve Jobs, JK Rowling, or Michael Jordan, you will find a fascinating failure story behind their successes.

Each of them had been rejected for the very same work that they did best and which helped them become successful later in life.

Albert Einstein sums up the sentiment with his words,

“You never fail until you stop trying.”

He points out how success can only be achieved after you have failed multiple times, and failure alone will teach you to appreciate success and value it.

Key Takeaways

So, here are the key takeaways from the article we learned.

  • Believe in Yourself
  • Learn how you can benefit from failure
  • Look at failure as the stepping stone to success
  • Failure is not permanent
  • Always, look at the brighter side of the failure
  • Learn where you went wrong from your failure and rectify it
  • Failure shapes up your character
  • You failed because you tried
  • Always and always..celebrate your failure

Now, it’s your turn.

What lesson you learned from failure, and how did it change your life? Share your experience below and we will add your lesson as a takeaway here with your name.

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